You need a photographer, but most of all you need someone who can capture all the love and energy in the air on your happiest day.

Guess what? We didn’t want a photographer at our wedding. Yup, crazy! Instead, we were lucky to have a lot of talented friends and family. So we asked them to photograph the day as they lived it. Those memories were the best gift we could ever have wished for. As friends, they had a way of capturing all the fun, love and energy that made our day so special. And that’s exactly how I photograph today.

I’m right in there, laughing (and crying) with you and your guests. I capture all the little details you will want to remember, while you have the most awesome day with all our favourite people. Believe me, getting married will be one of the craziest and most intense experiences, ever!

I live in Munich, but say the word “fun wedding” and I’ll be there!

Here are some of the most amazing days I’ve been lucky to capture. Enjoy!