Dear children,
Please, stop growing up so fast!
Love, all the Mums & Dads in the world.

Many happy days later our daughter Sophie arrived. When I picked up my camera and looked through it as a mum, everything changed again. Whenever I flick through our family photo books I realise two things: I’m hardly on any photo (!!) but, I’m glad I took all the pictures I did, because we will never get that time back!
I want to be there with you right from the start. The excitement of that little miracle growing inside, the first days of your new life together, their first steps, their cheeky toothless grin… I want to be there, so that you can be there too, enjoying each moment, as you should – in the picture, not behind the camera.

If you’re based in or around Munich call or email me. I would love to meet you and your family. We could spend a lazy afternoon in your own home, go for a hike in the mountains or whatever else you love doing together.

I also spend time in London and Barcelona. If you’re interested I can let you know when I’m in town.

Below is a little inspiration of what I get up to with “my” families.