Autumn Colours

When I got engaged, I knew I wanted to get married in the summer. And there’s a reason why the long, warm days are so popular. But looking back at Ash and James’ unique November wedding, makes me think, actually, any time of the year is perfect. The weather outside may have called for hot chocolate and wooly socks, but Ash’s stunning bouquet by The Little Violet, the beautifully bright venue and the energy of their guests were enough to warm up the coldest of days. Just look at these colours!!

Straight from her first email we knew that we would get on with Denise and this was a very important factor to us in picking our wedding photographer.  We wanted a photographer who not only us but also our guests would feel comfortable with on the day and after meeting Denise face-to-face we knew she was the one.  Denise took the time to understand our personality and looked to capture the more natural style of our wedding day so we now have a beautiful collection of photos that truly express the emotion, the happiness, the colour & the vibrancy of our day. We highly recommend Denise’s work. Ash & James

AJ_1 AJ_2

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